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Daisy (fka MAMIE Shih Tzu Poodle Mix) joined us in July 2016. Daisy had been found abandoned on the side of a road, matted and so afraid. A wonderful woman picked her up and called us to help. Daisy was such a sweet little girl and crawled right into our hearts. She will be missed.
DaisyMom & Dad Gerri and Henry
Daisy has her Forever Mom & Dad Gerri and Henry wrapped right around her little paws in Michigan.

Paris (fka JACIE Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in January 2016. Phoebe (fka LOLITA Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in November 2016. Both were retired breeders. Paris was so shy and frightened when she arrived, but as time passed she learned to give the best kisses ever. Phoebe was quiet and withdrawn for awhile, but when she came out of her shell she was a doll baby and quite the little clown.
Mom & Dad Shawna & Brian
Paris and Phoebe are loving their new home and adore their Forever Mom & Dad Shawna and Brian in Michigan.

Maggie (fka MEMMY Scottish Terrier) joined us in August 2013. Maggie needed so much socialization for she was such a frightened little girl. As time passed she realized all was safe in her world. She gave the most wonderful kisses and was full of boundless energy. What a sweet, sweet little girl.
MaggieMom & Dad Jo and Dennis
Maggie is keeping her Forever Mom & Dad Jo and Dennis very busy and thinks her feline sister Phoebe is pretty cool in Michigan.

Calypso (fka PUFFINS Pomeranian) and Pandora (fka VANITY Pomeranian) joined us in February 2016. Their breeder became ill and sent the girls to PATR. Both girls were very shy and frightened. With lots of patience and love they began to trust. Calypso was so very sweet and Pandora gave the best kisses ever. They still have a ways to go, but we know their Mom and Dad will reassure them that "Love Does Conquer All".
Mom & Dad Betty and Daniel
Calypso and Pandora have found life is very good with their Forever Mom & Dad Betty and Daniel, adore their Aunt Norma and think their pupster brother Redd is the best in Illinois.

Jodi (Yorkshire Terrier) joined us in January 2016. Jodi's breeder became ill and turned her over to PATR. She was such a frightened little girl and would bite out of fear. Jodi won our hearts immediately and we began working with her to assure her that no one would ever hurt her. Little by little she began to know life was good. She left us still a bit unsure of herself, but we know she will flourish with the love her Mom and Dad will bestow upon her.
JodiMom & Dad Toni & Harry
Jodi knows she is safe and loved with her Forever Mom & Dad Toni and Harry and is enjoying her pupster sisters Heidi and Libbi in Michigan.

Jingle (Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2015. Nila (Shih Tzu) joined us in September 2016. Jingle joined us due to a growth on his eye and Nila arrived due to a thin coat and misshaped body. Both were absolute doll babies. All they needed was lots of lap time and they were contented. Jingle and Nila loved to romp and play with each other and became steadfast friends. We are thrilled they will continue their life together in such a loving home.
Mom & Dad Val & Leo
Jingle and Nila love to snuggle with their Forever Mom & Dad Val and Leo in Michigan.

Laurel (Shih Tzu) joined us in September 2015. She joined us when she was a puppy along with her sister Lotus. Both suffered from"Intentional Tremors". Little Laurel's body was only still when sleeping or being held close. She was the sweetest little girl and won all of our hearts. We are so thankful she found such a wonderful home for she had so much love to give.
LaurelMom Jerris
Laurel is so happy with her Forever Mom Jerris and her Uncle and loves snuggling with her pupster sister Suzy Q in Michigan.

Julietta (Shih Tzu) joined us in November 2015. Julietta was a retired breeder. She was such a shy little girl and it took several months before she realized all was well in her world. She became such a sweet, loving little girl and we just could not resist those beautiful eyes and those little liver lips. She went to a home where she will be the one and only. Julietta will be showered with so much love that her past will gradually fade from her memory.
JuliettaMom Monica
Julietta is loving her wonderful life with her Forever Mom Monica in Pennsylvania.

Brixey (Shih Tzu) joined us in November 2015. Brixey had retired from the breeding world. She was so unsure of herself when she arrived, but little by little she became braver and braver. She finally realized that she was safe and loved so much. She was such a sweet little girl and learned to give the best kisses ever!
BrixeyMom & Dad Jerilyn & Richard
Brixey is being showered with love by her Forever Mom & Dad Jerilyn and Richard in Michigan.

Bonnet (Shih Tzu) joined us in April 2015. Indigo (Shih Tzu) joined us in August 2016. Both were retired breeders. Bonnet was blind, but what a trooper. She soon learned where everything was at. She was so curious and the happiest little girl. She could not get enough love and cuddling with us was her favorite past time. Indigo was shy when she arrived, but it didn't take her long to get comfortable. She was quite the character and would make us laugh so hard with her silly antics. What a little love bug!
Mom & Dad Pat & Dennis
Bonnet and Indigo are filling their Forever Mom & Dad Pat and Dennis' lives with joy in Michigan.

Galaxy (Shih Tzu) joined us in October 2015. She was a retired breeder. Galaxy needed so much reassurance when she arrived. She would drop to the floor when approached and trembled. Little by little she began the road to healing and when she left us she was a confident, happy, loving little girl. We are going to miss those kissable liver lips!
GalaxyDad George
Galaxy adores her Dad George and is snuggling close with her sister in Michigan.

Bella (fka VELLA Shih Tzu) joined us in October 2016. Bella had retired from the breeding world. Bella was a beautiful little liver and white girl who gave us so much love once she became comfortable. She had the most beautiful eyes and when she looked up at us our hearts melted. She was a little doll baby.
BellaMom & Dad Jeanne & Jim
Bella is having so much fun with her Forever Mom & Dad Jeanne and Jim and thinks her pupster sister Izzi is really cool in Michigan.

Scarlet (Shih Tzu) joined us in April 2017. Scarlet had one litter of puppies, needed a C section and a decision was made by her breeder that she was too small to breed again. She was placed in a home, but it did not work out so she joined PATR. Scarlet was an absolute joy and we felt so privileged to have her in our care. She is going to fill her Forever Mom and Dad's life with so much joy.
ScarletMom & Dad Lora & Rod
Scarlet has her Forever Mom & Dad Lora and Rod wrapped right around her little paws and loves her pupster brother Finnegan in Michigan.

Presto (Pekingese) joined us in March 2016. His breeder was down sizing her kennels. Presto was an absolute joy! He was such a happy little boy and always looking for lots of lap time. He had the happiest tail we have ever seen and his kisses were so very special.
PrestoDad Jeff
Presto is definitely keeping things lively for his Forever Mom & Dad Jamie and Jeff and is snuggling close to his pupster brother Goalie in California.

Cameo (Shih Tzu) joined us in October 2016. Twix (Shih Tzu) joined us in December 2015. Both were retired breeders. Once Cameo overcame her shyness she was the most cuddly, kissy little girl. Twix turned into quite the character always searching for something to get into and she so loved to be in our laps.
Mom & Dad Petra & Dan
Cameo and Twix are being so spoiled by their Forever Mom & Dad Petra and Dan in Illinois.

Levi (fka DENIM Shih Tzu) joined us in March 2017. He wasn't cooperating at the breeders in her breeding program so he joined PATR. Levi was Mr. Personality Plus. He had so much energy he couldn't contain himself and his tail was happy all of the time. He definitely made life interesting for us and we loved him dearly.
DenimMom & Dad Pat and Dennis
Levi has won his Forever Mom & Dad Pat and Dennis' hearts and was overjoyed to be reunited with his pupster sister Bonnet and Indigo in Michigan.

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